The Future of Friendship is Magic & Why It Worries Me

With season 7 of Friendship is Magic coming in April, and an 8th season already confirmed, I’d like to state why I’m worried.

Way back in season 5, the show officially jumped the shark in episode 9 Slice of Life. Quite literally in fact.

Both season 5 and 6 have had relatively poor reception when compared with previous seasons. Oddly, season 5 was doing pretty well before Slice of Life.

What happens if the following seasons continue this trend?

Hasbro is a Toy Company

Hasbro has already made it pretty clear that the show will continue as long as the toys are selling. This is both good and bad. If the show continues this trend, Hasbro won’t cut the cord if they’re still making a profit from toy sales.

On the other hand, if the show gets out of this stage, we could get a long lasting good show.

Unfortunately, the former is more likely, even with new writers every season.

The Fandom will Survive

Even if it became the worst show on television, the fandom would still be here. The core fandom that is, not the bandwagoners who are just here to cash in on some of that relevance. (Looking at you HotDiggedyDemon.)

The Brony Fandom is the most creative community I have ever seen. I’ve read some amazing fanfiction, seen astounding animations, listened to beautiful music. I’m confident that this community will stick around for decades after the show ends.

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