Finally, Someone Gets It

The male loneliness epidemic, and how I’m part of it.

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As a young white man, I feel the hate every day I leave the house. I live in the Austin area, and the area is pretty liberal. People look at me weirdly, and they get grossed out when I speak. I’ve been told that my voice sounds autistic. Well, thanks for reminding me. I also have a major underbite, so I’ve been told I have a fat bottom lip. I’ve been told countless times that I’m not just unattractive; I’m repulsive.

It hurts. It hurts more than you can imagine. I’m lonely, and the only friends I have are twice my age or more. They listen, but I can’t talk politics because guess what? They’re very conservative. I am not. I have to smile and agree.

And about that. Smiling is hard. Smiling doesn’t make you happy. Happiness makes you smile. So for the women out there saying I should “smile more.” Try having no friends. Put yourselves in my shoes. Nobody wants to look at me. No one wants to be around me.

The male loneliness epidemic is real. And to say that I — someone who hasn’t done anything to deserve it — deserve it by default for being a white man completely goes against the whole inclusiveness thing that the left tries to promote.

You say that all people deserve love and affection, but all people doesn’t include white men, because you don’t consider us people. I’ve seen the comments. They say we’re subhuman.

I want to thank Shoe0nHead for understanding and hearing us. Finally, someone listens.

The Male Loneliness Epidemic
The men are not ok, folks.
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