A Change of Plans
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I’m giving up on #vanlife. Yeah, this was a decision that has been very tough for me to make, and it’s one that I’m not entirely content with. Despite that, I cannot go against my nature. Allow me to explain…

What Does My Future Hold?
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I must admit, I’m questioning what my future holds. Full disclosure, I am in a depressive state, so that may have something to do with how I’m thinking right now, but even when I’m not depressed I still think about it.

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I mentioned in the past that I intend to commission a Human in Equestria story. Well, the original plan has evolved a bit. Androkin and Twilight Sparkle had a falling out, and it’s sometime later that our story begins. Androkin took a ship to unknown lands far from Equestria. I have doubts that this particular…

Finally, Someone Gets It
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As a young white man, I feel the hate every day I leave the house. I live in the Austin area, and the area is pretty liberal. People look at me weirdly, and they get grossed out when I speak. I’ve been told that my voice sounds autistic. Well, thanks for reminding me. I also…

Update on Things
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My bio says that I’m an aspiring writer & blogger. While that’s technically true, I haven’t written very much. Over the past seven years, I’ve written only twenty-six entries on the blog. I have only two fanfiction that I’ve written that have actually been somewhat successful. Yes, I’ve written other stories, but I never complete…

Half-Life & Portal Summarized by ChatGPT
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Below is a short article written by ChatGPT from the prompt “Summarize the Half-Life and Portal games storylines and lore, and their affect on the gaming industry.”

I’m Starting a Custom Coin Collection
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I recently bought a really cool custom coin off Etsy. It’s awesome. It has the words “Mortis Vitae”, or “Death God” on it. One side shows the serpent from the bible, and the other shows Adam and Eve. It’s a really cool coin.

About My Lack of Motivation
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I have a problem. I come up with these stories in my head, and start writing them. I usually get two short chapters in before I lose the motivation to continue. I don’t know why this is. My first Anon story did pretty well. I just don’t have the motivation to continue it.

Reading SPECTRUM: Prologue
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So I have officially begun reading SPECTRUM. I’ve only finished the prologue, but I feel it is worthy of a post on its own. I plan to post every time I finish an act in this story.

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