The Possibility of an Equestria Girls TV Show

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With the Equestria Girls specials releasing this summer, I’ve been wondering… What is Hasbro’s plan?

I think I may have an idea of what Hasbro is doing. The Equestria Girls movies were up-and-down. The original was terrible, Rainbow Rocks was amazing, The Friendship Games was meh, and Legend of Everfree was alright.

Do to the mixed results, it would be stupid to try and make a full TV show, and we’ve known for a while that Hasbro intends to do so with EqG. But, what if they were to try and see how it might do? That’s where the specials come in.

The Equestria Girls Specials

I think the specials are merely a test to see how they do. If they are successful, we very well may get an Equestria Girls TV show. But if they don’t, we might not see anything other than toys for a while.

If a full-on Equestria Girls TV show happens, I believe the best thing to do is to have it air during Friendship is Magic’s hiatus and vice-versa. That way there would be something year-round which would benefit both Hasbro and the fandom… well, those who care for Equestria Girls.

What do you think? Could Hasbro be testing things out with these specials? Would you watch an Equestria Girls TV Show?

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