In this series, I check out stuff that has a bad reputation and give my opinion on it.
Each episode has two parts. I post part one first and once I’ve finished I write and post part two.
In part one I start off by stating what I know of the thing in question and explaining why I’ve decided to check it out.
In part two I post my opinion, a little review and if I believe it is deserving of its reputation.

Fallout: Equestria
 < 1 min read

I know, I know. I made part one for The Lost Element and never made part two. Why am I starting something else without finishing that one? The answer is simple. When that story concludes I will do part two. But as it stands, that story is over three million words, and still hasn’t ended.…

The Lost Element
 < 1 min read

I’m kicking off a new series I’m calling Is It Good?. In this series, I will be checking out stuff that has a bad reputation and giving my opinion on it.