I mentioned in the past that I intend to commission a Human in Equestria story. Well, the original plan has evolved a bit. Androkin and Twilight Sparkle had a falling out, and it’s sometime later that our story begins. Androkin took a ship to unknown lands far from Equestria. I have doubts that this particular story will qualify for publishing on FiMFiction, as most of the characters and world will be original. Equestria will technically exist, though it will be sparingly mentioned. The story may involve some Equestrian characters, but the only one of mention will be Androkin’s best pal who is currently unnamed.

I’m hoping to commission the entire story upfront sometime in 2024, and even commission some art and a map to go with it.

If anyone is interested in working with me on this story, feel free to shoot me a message. My email is on the sidebar.

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