The Lost Element

by Humanity

I’m kicking off a new series I’m calling Is It Good?. In this series, I will be checking out stuff that has a bad reputation and giving my opinion on it.

Each episode has two parts. I post part one first and once I’ve finished I write and post part two.

In part one I start off by stating what I know of the thing in question and explaining why I’ve decided to check it out.

In part two I will post my opinion, a little review and if I believe it is deserving of its reputation.

For the first episode, I will be reading The Lost Element by Humanity. This is a fanfic I hear about a lot that gets a ton of hate thrown at it, and more specifically its author.

What I know of this story

All I know about The Lost Element is that it’s an HiE (Human in Equestria) story. I think the human also falls in love with Fluttershy.

As if that wasn’t strange enough…

Why does it have such bad rep?

I’ve seen many, many comments from various places ripping this fanfic (and its author) a new one. What interests me is how every one of these comments mention how the human and in extension, the author is Misanthropic. He hates humanity and makes it seem as if he is the only human in existence that is good. He makes it seem as if all of humanity is evil.

Here we go… When I’ve finished reading “The Lost Element” I will post part two.

The Lost Element
A long forgotten element has been brought back, but for better or for worse?
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