A Change of Plans

Long-haul trucking, ghostwriting, and my future.

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I’m giving up on #vanlife. Yeah, this was a decision that has been very tough for me to make, and it’s one that I’m not entirely content with. Despite that, I cannot go against my nature. Allow me to explain…

I have always had a tough time motivating myself to do much of anything. It’s why I built a gaming PC in October that I’ve barely played on. It’s why I’ve ran a blog since 2016 that doesn’t even have 30 entries.

I’ve accepted this fact, as hard as it is to do so. If I want to live in a van, I have to motivate myself to do something so I can make ends meet. Working a regular job is fine. I can do that, but freelance? Nope. I simply can’t motivate myself.

Truck Driving

I haven’t given up on my dreams of traveling full-time; only the means to which I’ll do so. I still need to get my driver’s license, but once I do that and I’ve been driving long enough, I will work on getting my CDL and becoming a long-haul truck driver.

This is absolutely my best opportunity to make full-time travel work.


I consider myself a professional “idea-maker.” I’m great at coming up with ideas, but not so good at acting on them. I have ideas for stories, and I intend to make those stories come to fruition. I’ve already spoken with multiple ghostwriters and I realise that they will have me sign a contract/NDA agreeing to not disclose who wrote it, so yes, these stories will be published in my name. However, I will fully disclose the fact that I hired someone else to write it.

As much as I’d love to write the stories myself, it’d take decades to finish even one book. If even that. Think George R.R. Martin, but worse.

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