A Helluva Reckoning
A human who learns he's a Hellhound joins I.M.P as they try to find out how and why demon hunters are entering Hell.

All I Need Is You
The story of David John Harrison as he navigates life on Earth... and in Hell.

Among the Elements
A loner named Dylan Sullivan ends up in Equestria. He has no interest in making friends, and humans are considered a danger to pony society. Can Twilight befriend someone who doesn't want friends? Can she hide him from the rest of her kind? What will Celestia do if she finds out what Twilight has done?

ANONYMOUS: A Human in Equestria Story
A lone human appears in Ponyville, and is immediately demonized by its inhabitants. Follow the story of Anon as he adjusts to his new life in Equestria.

Memories of a Time Once Forgotten
Dylan was never really a "people person," having found peace in solitude. The idea of friends was foreign to him, but until recently it never really bothered him. One night, his dreams reveal a past that he'd forgotten.

Rarity is old, very old. She and Twilight Sparkle are all that's left of the legendary ponies who represented the Elements are Harmony so long ago. The two, along with Spike, sit on Rarity's porch and watch the sun rise every Saturday morning, only this time things are different...