My Fascination with Human in Equestria Stories

If you’ve read through this blog, there’s probably one thing you will have noticed: “This dude is obsessed with HiE.” Yes, it’s true, I have a fascination with Human in Equestria stories. I mean, check out the Fimfiction Reviews series. Every single one of them is HiE. A fair few interestingly enough feature the Anonymous character.

So why am I so fascinated by the odd genre? I mean, it could be worse. It’s not like I’m obsessed with Conversion Borough stories (though I do like SPECTRUM, and will end up reviewing it at some point.)

Well, the idea of yourself being placed in an alien world seems pretty intriguing, right? My fascination here is similar. A human being placed into an alien world full of technicolor ponies, unicorns and pegasi is intriguing to me. Seeing how humans will try to compare things with our own world and find similarities, but also a great many differences too. The aspect of magic is also something I’ve always been fascinated by. So basically, put a human in a world filled with mythological creatures, magic, and more. It just so happens that the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the perfect place for this to happen. Mythological creatures, check. Magic, check. Talking animals, check. They control the weather, uh… Yeah, nice try Alex Jones.

What about Anonymous though? It just so happens that I like second-person stories. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Let it out of your system. But seriously. Putting the reader in place as the protagonist is an interesting move that a lot of HiE stories do. But what does this have to do with Anonymous? Easy. A blank green face with a question mark. Anon is whomever you want him to be. Yourself maybe? I know, it’s odd that I’d imagine myself — a twenty-six, almost twenty-seven-year-old bearded man — in a world full of colorful ponies. Who is this guy? But really. Our own world is so dark and gloomy, and monotonous. Sometimes I want to read a story and imagine myself in Equestria. Nothing wrong with that.

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