My Plan For the Future

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I need a more updated and detailed post on my plan for van life, so here you go.

Volkswagen Vanagon – Shane Jordan

Phase 1: Back to School

Once I’ve got my driver’s license, I’m going to start taking classes at the Austin Community College.

The First Semester

I will start with just two classes in the first semester.

  • Photography: I want to be a pro photographer just like my dad.
  • Videography: I also want to be able to get amazing footage, both with a drone and without.

The Second Semester

I will add a third class.

  • Carpentry: This will give me the skills to fabricate the interior of the van (will get to that later). I will also be able to use these skills as a way to make extra money on the road.

The Third Semester

I will add three more classes.

  • Welding: Another skill that will grow useful in van life.
  • Studio Art: I’m not confident I’ll be any good at this, but I want to try. Besides, I could make extra money online if I succeed.
  • Guitar: I’ve always wanted to learn.

The Fourth Semester

I will add one final class.

  • Automotive: I will need these skills for van life.

Phase 2: A Better Job

I will get a better part-time job somewhere making at least $15/hour. I will put serious money into savings towards a van. I’m expecting to work and go to school for three to five years.

Phase 3: Van Life

Part 1: Finding a Van

Once I’ve saved between $30,000 to $50,000 USD I will begin the search for the right van. Read my post about which van I will purchase to know more.

Part 2: Renovation

Once I’ve acquired a Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia, I will begin the process of renovating it. I will redo the fuel lines, as Vanagons tend to go up in flames if you ignore that. I will also get one of those fancy extinguisher tubes for good measure.

If it still has the stock engine, I will swap in a Subaru engine. Unlikely I’ll need to do that, as at the price point I’m looking at, most already have a Subaru engine.

I will make sure to clean the interior and exterior really nicely. I will likely get it painted, and get a new roof put on. I’m thinking about getting an Adventure Wagon roof. I like the aerodynamic look.

I will add a bunch of items to the inside and outside of the van. I will get a CB radio.

Part 3: Moving in Part-Time.

I’m hoping to have the van ready before I’ve finished my classes at ACC. If so, I will move into the van part-time. I will travel some during the summer.

Part 4: Full-Time

Once I’ve completed my classes at ACC and started to make a solid income online, I will start living in the van full-time. I will likely also travel most of the year.

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