Reading SPECTRUM: Prologue

So I have officially begun reading SPECTRUM. I’ve only finished the prologue, but I feel it is worthy of a post on its own. I plan to post every time I finish an act in this story.

Wow, that was… something. First, we are introduced to this Sint Erklass character, along with Sunflare. I presume this takes place long before the rest of the story. Of course, we later learn that Queen Celestia had him killed. She’s also Emperess of Europe. Interesting…

Yeah, I’m intrigued. Will definitely be reading more of this. Don’t expect a follow-up to this post for some time, as Act I is nearly 300,000 words. That and I’ve been a slow reader as of late.

I should note that in the past I completed roughly ten chapters of this story, although that was prior to a major rewrite.

Secrets come to light when a human appears, and the Equestrians learn of a world under siege – by none other than themselves. Caught in a web that binds the great and humble alike, can Lyra find what part she’ll play in the fate of three realms?
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