I’m Considering Commissioning a Human in Equestria Story

I’m thinking about the possibility of commissioning an author on Fimfiction to write a Human in Equestria story.

Picture this: A human child winds up in Canterlot. Princess Celestia takes in this child and adopts him as her own. This child is soon found to be capable of magic and soon begins to study alongside a young Twilight Sparkle. However, as his skill with magic grows, a prophecy begins to unfold before Celestia. This human will one day save Equestria.

Book One will be quite long and follow the events of a young Androkin as he studies under Celestia’s tutelage.

I know the idea of commissioning fanfiction sounds odd, but I don’t see my lack of motivation improving anytime soon. This is a great way to get this written.

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