My Favorite Fiction Genres

I love fiction. It allows me to forget the darkness of our world and immerse myself into a place where anything is possible.

Whether it’s in video games, books or movies, here are my top 4 fiction genres.

Apocalyptic Fiction

I know it’s a little odd that this would be one of my favorites.

It really is interesting seeing how people deal with everything when the entire world has gone to shit.

Whether it’s zombies, aliens or humanity itself, this is usually an entertaining genre… although zombies are a little overused.

Contemporary Fantasy

I love stories that take a lot from High Fantasy and throws it into the real world.

I really appreciate how authors take magic and creatures and put them in the real world.


If you’ve read My Disdain for Dwemer Ruins you might be under the impression I dislike Steampunk, but I actually really love it.

To me, Steampunk is like an alternate universe where mankind went a different direction technologically. A lot of Steampunk seems totally possible and realistic – although there are still parts that don’t – and if humanity had made a slightly different decision a few hundred years ago, we could be living in a Steampunk world today.

Wouldn’t that make reality fiction then…

High Fantasy

The thing I love about high fantasy is how each story has its own world, races, creatures, etc. It’s amazing how much time goes into forming the world and its characters.

I also love how each story has its own way of explaining magic. Whether it’s a magic wand or spoken word, it’s all amazing.

So those are my top 4 fictional genres. What about you? What are your favorite genres? Would you recommend any stories or new genres?

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