Midnight Comfort

My review of the story by Erynaster

My first G5 review, and seemingly the author’s first G5 story. I’ve read a couple G5 fics, but nothing particularly stuck with me. That was until I read Midnight Comfort.

Notice: This story is first person, contains human/pony snuggling and romance.

Right out of the gate, this story had me intrigued. The little game you and Izzy play in the first chapter was very well written, and definitely shows there’s undiscussed feelings between the two.

I also like the whole storm setting. When Equestria lost its magic, it’s assumed that weather happened on its own, just like in our world. To be totally honest, I was never a fan of the whole ponies control the weather aspect anyway. It was seemingly ignored in later seasons, and was even contradictory, as the Everfree was seen as “unnatural” for it, yet our first look at the Crystal Empire clearly showed uncontrolled weather. Either way, I digress.

Chapter 2 is the core of the story, and was absolutely adorable and sweet. It just warms the heart reading it. You and Izzy’s feelings are shown very well, and I like how there was no real confession before the *ahem* kiss. Just allowing pure feelings and affection to show each other what they want to say.

This is definitely a story worth checking out if my notice doesn’t turn you away. It’s short and sweet. I’d definitely like a sequel to this, but looking at his catalog, Erynaster doesn’t really do sequels.

Either way, sweet story. I give it a solid 8.5/10.

Midnight Comfort
The mare you love keeps you company during another restless night. Who knows, maybe there’s something more to her gesture of affection than meets the eye…
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