Howdy. The name’s Chris, but I go by Cross. I’m a human with a special power. You see, through some cosmic mistake I was born a human with a Hellhound form. Yeah, crazy I know, but hear me out.

When I was a boy, my parents knew something was… different… about me. When I was sad, I’d whimper; when I was angry, I’d growl. On my ninth birthday some bullies thought it would be funny to tie me to the merry-go-round and spin me. I was pretty pissed off, and this was the day when my life would change. Losing control of my temper I turned into a Hellhound and attacked the three boys, leaving deep scratches. Until recently, I’d never gotten as angry as I was that day.

Nobody believed them when they said I ‘turned into a two-legged dog.’ Yet I was kicked out of school over the attack. Needless to say, CPS got involved and my parents gave me up to the government. I was put on Social Security and placed in a secure mental facility for a year and a half. After leaving, I was transferred to a group home where I would spend the entirety of my adolescent years.

Once I turned eighteen, the system spit me out onto the street and I had to make my own way. I lost my Social Security, and spent several months begging for a job. Eventually an elderly couple took pity on me and brought me into their home. They gave me a job stocking books in their bookstore, and before long I had my own apartment. After a while I grew tired of my job and thanked the couple who’d shown me more kindness than anyone else had. I joined the Army and served for several years. I eventually made my way into the special forces and took down many nefarious groups.

However, my world would soon be turned upside down again. At age twenty-three I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I… was not too happy with the news, and evidently neither were my superiors in the military. I was honorably discharged and given a monthly stipend. After some time I bought a plot of land with an old house somewhere in rural Nevada. The check in the mail every month let me live comfortably. I spent my time running a military history blog with a few buddies from the Army.

Today my life would change yet again, but this time there was no turning back…