Prologue: The Beginning

The day started like any other…

BEEP BEEP BEEP An alarm clock went off. It was 4:00 AM.

“Ugh…” David moaned as he rose up from his bed. He grabbed his phone and turned off the alarm.

David is a twenty-five year old caucasian man. His brown hair ran just past his shoulders, and his beard – though course – was thick and well-kept. Hazel-green eyes shone from beneath bushy brows. At five foot eleven, David was the shortest member of his family. The rest of his relatives were over six foot, and his younger brother was six-four even.

David thought of his brother and made a mental note to give him a visit sometime. It had been awhile since they’d spoken.

An outcast at birth, David spent his childhood separated from the rest of his family. The Harrison’s were a fairly large branch within a much larger family. From his birthplace of Nashville Tennessee, the Harrison’s were a force to be reckoned with.

On December the fourth of nineteen-eighty-nine little David John Harrison was born. His mother Anne-Marie Casey Harrison smiled down at the newborn, when Darrel John Harrison entered the room, having missed the birth due to traffic. Upon glancing at the child, Darrel frowned.

“He’s not mine.” Darrel said. His tone was flat as he resisted the urge to act a fool.

Sensing the tension, the nurse quietly said “I guess I’ll take my leave” before hurrying out of the room. Before closing the door, she glanced to Anne-Marie sympathetically.

Once the door clicked, Darrel growled “who was it?”

“I don’t know…” was all Anne-Marie could say, tears forming as she now feared for her life. This wasn’t the first time Darrel had gotten angry with her. Ever since they’d married, he’d treated her more like an object than that of a partner. He’d even gotten violent…

“Bullshit!” Darrel yelled as he glanced around. Finding a small chair, he set it up against the door, creating a simple barrier. “This is the last time you will betray me.”

Young David began to cry, his sheer loudness added fuel to the fire that was Darrel’s fury. As the door handle began to shake, Darrel grabbed a pillow and began to suffocate the newborn. Anne-Marie lunged at him, and fought tooth and nail to protect her child. Darrel spun around, and pushed Anne-Marie. Time seemed to slow as she fell, and her head slammed into the railing on her bed, the sheer force of which snapped her neck. The mother bled as the chair fell and the door slammed open. Police rushed into the room and pulled a shocked Darrel away from the scene. The read him his Miranda Rights as the nurses tended to the child.

Now in handcuffs, Darrel had calmed down. Meanwhile in the another room, nurses ran vitals on young David. The mother however… was dead.

Twenty-five years later, David sat alone in his bed. He thought back on the story his uncle had told him all those years ago. His father had murdered his mother. And to make matters worse, he’d gotten away with it. The power of the Harrison’s within the state of Tennessee could not be matched. They managed to successfully convince a Jury that Anne-Marie’s death was a mere accident, brought upon her because she had betrayed Darrel. Until this very day, David still believed the Jurors had acquitted Darrel John Harrison of all charges not out of belief in his innocence, but out of fear. Fear for what would happen to them had he been found guilty. The Harrison’s were not to be trifled with, and who knows. Maybe they had the names of the Jurors.

David got up from his bed and got into the driver’s seat. You see, David didn’t live in a house or apartment. He lived in a van. Not no yellowed white van, covered in rust and roaches. This was a camper van, and that meant comfort.

The van roared to life, and David pulled away from the driveway he’d been staying in and pulled into the drive-thru of a nearby McDonald’s. Upon arriving at the menu screen, a voice rang through the speaker. “Good morning, welcome to McDonald’s. What can I get for you today?”

“I’ll take a sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin meal with a hash brown and a large Dr. Pepper, no ice. I’d like an extra McMuffin with that too please.” David’s voice was deep, and had a strained undertone to it. It was almost raspy even. He’d always been told he sounded kind of like M. Shadows. Only thing was the accent.

“Will that be all?” The voice asked.

“Yes, thank you.” David answered.

“Okay, that’ll be twelve thirty-four.”

After about five minutes, David pulled into the parking lot beside McDonald’s and ate his breakfast. It wasn’t his favorite, but he had nothing in his fridge at the moment.

Before long, David continued on his drive from Austin Texas to New York City.

After a long day of driving, a tired David was looking for a place to pull over for the night. He was in the middle of nowhere, and the stars shined bright in the night sky.

After a few minutes of searching, he finally found a spot and pulled over.

As he lie down in bed, someone nocked on his sliding door. David grabbed his Glock and cautiously spoke. “Yes? Need something?”

There was a moment of silence before a man’s voiced answered. “Yeah, my car broke down about two miles West of here. I was wonderin’ if maybe you could help me?”

David immediately knew something was wrong. He’d just come from that direction and had been looking for a stop for nearly ten miles. There was no car stopped anywhere along that stretch, and the time it would take to walk to his van from there would’ve taken too long for this to have been recent.

“Look man, it’s the middle of February. It cold out here, and my car broke down. I just need some help. Please.” The man continued to plead.

Gun in hand, David quietly got into his driver seat and took a deep breath. The windows were covered, so nobody could see where he was. He started the van quickly as possible and hit the gas, but instead of speeding off like he’d thought he would, he barely moved at all. That and the screeching sound was also concerning.

The passenger window shattered as a shotgun blast was fired into the van, narrowly missing David.

Now with the outside air entering the van, the smell of burnt rubber wafted about. David’s stomach dropped as he realized his tires had been cut.

“Now it ain’t nothing personal David, I’m just doing what I’ve been paid to do.”

How did this man know his name? And was this a hit job?

David heard the sound of the shotgun being loaded. One, two three… David closed his eyes as he prepared for his death.

BANG silence… DROP

David opened his eyes… He wasn’t dead. If his would-be-murderer didn’t shoot, then… who did?

“Another sorry fucker down.” A voice with a weird inflection spoke loudly.

“I don’t know, you sure this is the right guy?” Another voice spoke. This one was a higher pitch, though it was still definitely male. It also was quite raspy.

“Does he have the tattoo?” A female voice spoke, this one was very country.

“Let me see…” Yet another voice spoke, this one was female as well, but she sounded bored. “A shotgun with angel wings, this is our guy.”

“Ha, in your face Moxxie!” The first voice spoke excitedly. “Suck it!”

The second voice – presumable Moxxie – spoke again. “What now? Do we check and see if whoever was in that van is alive?”

David took a deep breath as he mentally prepared to meet his saviors. His driver side door opened, revealing three little red devils and a wolf-girl. His eyes widened, and everything went black.