Prologue: Arrival

It is just a normal day for you, as you drive your car home from work. It’s nothing special, just a forest green ’03 Accord. Its 30mpg is decent enough, though the gas prices of late aren’t exactly great.

“Come on…” You growl. The light has been red for five minutes.

Finally the light turns green, and you start moving forward. The light is now yellow, and right before you cross it turns red again.

“Oh, come on!”

You pull into the dirt driveway in front of your home. You live on the outskirts of town, in an area known as the “Hill Country.” Your neighborhood is small, and not exactly the most social, though you are well acquainted with a few of your neighbors.

The hot Texas sun beats down on you as you check your phone to see it’s 2:45 PM. The weather widget states its a sweaty 103°F. Stopping the loud music playing in your car, you open the door, but not before grabbing the six pack of beer sitting in the passenger seat. It was a Saturday, so you were off the next two days.

You walk up to the front door before digging in your pocket for your keys. Once found, you unlock the door and enter. You are greeted by the cool air in your prefab home. You decide booze and a comedy isn’t a bad idea.

You sit on your sofa and scroll through the various options on your Roku. Getting bored of the options in one app, you switch to the next before you hear a clap of thunder.

“The hell?” You say, confused. Not fifteen minutes ago, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and now there’s thunder?

You pick up your phone from the coffee table and open the weather app. “No rain at all.” You groaned. It’s like a dome the size of Texas is covering us right now.

You finally decide on watching Airplane! for the umpteenth time — it never gets old. Before starting the film, you go grab a bag of popcorn and nuke it.

Thunder strikes again. You ignore it this time.

Once it finishes, you yank it out, shake it well, and pour it into a large bowl. You sit back down on the couch, pop open a cold one, and hit play.

The jaws theme plays, the top wing of a plane peeking up through the clouds. You chuckle, but are interrupted by thunder again.

“Where the hell is that coming from?!” You groan in annoyance.

The thunder clapped again, and you begin to hear a buzzing noise. Suddenly your surroundings are instantly replaced by that of a… two dimensional cartoon village? “Oh shit,” you start, noticing the pouring rain. You immediately pocket your phone, thanking tech Jesus for IP ratings. Your shirt and jeans are now pretty wet. In the corner you notice a covered bench and rush over to it and sit down. You feel pretty cold. You now begin to notice some strange things. There are no sidewalks, street lamps, or even a paved road, and the houses are thatched.

You look at your reflection in a puddle and see your face is… gone? You now look like a cartoon character, and your face has some sort of green mask with a black question mark on it. You try to remove said mask, but it won’t come off. You then notice something else. You can’t remember your name. Now you were panicking. It was like your identity was taken from you, and replaced with this… thing.

You begin to cry, all hope now lost.