Anonymous in Nu-Questria

My Review of the Duology by MancerMandrake

I finally got around to reading Anonymous in Nu-Questria and it’s sequel, and holy shit, that was intense. I’m serious, I haven’t been this wrapped in a fanfic in years. Not since Exchange. I read both stories in under twenty-four hours.

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the G5 Movie, violence, disturbing content, sexual humor, profanity, and human/pony romance. Also, this review contains spoilers.

I’d like to start off by making it painful clear: this is not your average HiE or AiE story. This was something else entirely. It has ups and downs, action and adventure, sexual humor, dark humor, profanity — ok, yeah I’ll admit, it has all the tropes you’d come to expect from an Human in Equestria, or on a larger scale, Anon in Equestria story. Though, that is where the similarities end.

For being the first major HiE fic for Generation 5, this was a huge kick in the nuts. I’m serious. I adore Twilight Sparkle. She’s perhaps my favorite fictional character of all time. Yep, though I may not look it, I’m a certified Twifag (God, I despise 4chan…). If you’re somehow reading this review before the story, and are like me, you have been warned. What Mancer has done with Twilight hurts to read. It hurts to see what has become of her. That’s as much as you’ll get on the subject, as it is technically a spoiler.

Moving away from that, this story was incredible. It had it’s… *ahem* moments (looking at you Izzy). But overall, this was a ride. A rough ride, sometimes painful, but a ride nonetheless. At times it had me on the edge of my seat, so to speak. It just kept on hitting, and hitting, and hitting. When you think you’ve finally gained a moment a reprieve, kablam!

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that I haven’t had this experience while reading a fanfic in quite some time. Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m not exactly reading ten stories a month, and I am a little picky, I mean, look at my reviews. They’re all HiE.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say. This was great. I’d love a sequel, but the story has clearly concluded. Not sure what else could be added. I’ll still hold out hope though.

All-in-all, a definite 9.5/10. I can confidently say I’ll be rereading this one very soon.

Anonymous in Nu-Questria
The eponymous Anonymous, from greentexts of yore, wakes up to find Equestria changed beyond his recognition. He tries to come to grips with this new reality as a group of friendly new ponies try to dig up the secrets from his complicated past.
Anonymous in Nu-Questria 2
Anonymous, resigned to his fate, finds himself swept up in an adventure to uncover the lost history of Equestria. Led by the strong-hearted Sunny, the crew of ponies (and human) venture out into the unknown in their newly refurbished airship.

Anonymous in Nu-Questria

Writer CROSS
Published Apr. 2, 2022
License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0