What Does My Future Hold?

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I must admit, I’m questioning what my future holds. Full disclosure, I am in a depressive state, so that may have something to do with how I’m thinking right now, but even when I’m not depressed I still think about it.


I am autistic and bipolar. I suffer from severe depression and general anxiety. I do get panic attacks. These things make it hard for me to find and keep a job. It is unfortunate, but this is my life.

Aspirations & Goals

I really want to attend the local community college so I can learn to write better and draw. I can’t draw at all right now, but I feel like — with practice — I can be good at it.

I’ve mentioned before my dream of one day living in a van. Well, that might not end up happening, sadly. More likely than not, I will become a long-haul truck driver.

Ten Years From Now

Honestly, I’m afraid that I will end up accomplishing nothing, and be exactly where I am ten years from now. I’ll be pushing forty, and still typing away on a blog that nobody reads.

What Does My Future Hold?

Writer CROSS
Published Sep. 23, 2023
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